A company's message in a new,

fresh, and creative way.

AV Creative does visual work for everyone in as many ways possible. Graphic design, animation, live-action, photography, and even web design. All combined called media design.


Creativity is the main goal in every project AVC does. ''How can we make this more interesting for the target audience?'' A lot of times, the solution is a combination of input from the company, creativity, and research.



# Tom Gudde

My name is Tom Gudde, 20 years, media designer. I started this one-man company one month after my 18th birthday, basically to gain experience for my study. During my first jobs, I noticed that a lot of companies want a visual presentation of what they do/have, but don't want to spend thousands of dollars for a simple animation. That's why I think that it is important to be transparent to your client about how you manage your time and budget for the project. It makes it easier for both sides to communicate. Just be yourself & be Creative.

Showreel 2014:


There There:

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